[ENGSUB] Wagakki Band – Nijiiro Chouchou (Iridescent Butterfly) / Stage Mix

[ENGSUB] Wagakki Band – Nijiiro Chouchou (Iridescent Butterfly) / Stage Mix
This video was made quite spontaneously long time ago as a medley of my favorite moments of Wagakki Band’s Nijiiro Chouchou live performance (somehow it turned out to be like a tribute to Yuko ). Recently I came back to this song and realized how beautiful the lyrics is, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the old video added with English translation specially for Wagakki Band’s non-Japanese fans. Hopefully this can help those who don’t know Japanese but still love Wagakki Band or just recenly stumble across them on Youtube feel more connected to their music.
And btw sorry for the rough transitions video editing is not my thing I just did it for fun!

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