Wagakki Band 和楽器バンド/ Tengaku 天樂 StageMix Short Demo

Wagakki Band 和楽器バンド/ Tengaku 天樂 StageMix Short Demo
Hi! So yeah…you may be wondering why my channel’s name and video sounds familiar. It’s because of my old channel, which mainly uploaded these kind of “Wagakki Band StageMix” videos, most notably Hoshizukiyo and Yoshiwara Lament had about 500k views each, that channel was banned due to copyright infringement.
That incicent made me extremely hearbreaking as I spent lots of time making these videos, and the claimer John Sullivan ( which I believed to had been hired by Avex) didn’t even give any reasons aside “copyright infringement”. Yes, I’ve already known I used copyrighted music, and for that, I wasn’t allowed to earn money by uploading videos and I accepted that. But those videos have been uploaded on Youtube for over a year, nothing happened, until one day, 4 videos of mine got copyright claimed and my Youtube account gone. But aside from the music, the entire video was re-edited by me…I know I’m just complaining right now… I guess It’s my fault that I didn’t understand Youtube’s “fair use law”.
So anyway, I decide to test the water with this short video. Maybe If things go smooth, I will re-upload some of my old videos and go back to making Wagakki Band StageMix video. I hope you guys enjoy this video. 🙂