Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2019 『和楽器バンド大新年会2019』 Photobook

Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2019 『和楽器バンド大新年会2019』 Photobook
Oh my god…!!! After 2 months of waiting, It’s finally here. Let’s take a look of the Dai Shinnenkai 2019 Ryugu no Tobira Photobook. First time I saw the price for this book, god damn, It was expensive as heck, but after I got my hand on it, consider the content, I think It is totally worth the price.
Price: 3000 Yen + 250 Yen tax and + 800 Yen domestic shipping fee and 2 months of desperation, waiting for my friend to bring the book to Vietnam.
I think you can still order this photobook on Mumo, the link below:
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Song: Mou koi nante shinai / もう恋なんてしない
Original Artist: Makihara Noriyuki / 槇原 敬之
Cover by Yuko Suzuhana & Machiya / 鈴華ゆう子 & 町屋
I shot the video on Huawei Y7 Pro. I hope you enjoy the video
Thank you, from Vietnam