Wagakki Band – Senbonzakura (Request)

Wagakki Band – Senbonzakura (Request)
Wagakki Band with Senbonzakura! (◠‿◠✿)

I don’t know what I expected when I started this, but I got a whole lot more! I’ve been trying to lose that really catchy part, but somehow it keeps coming back to me and getting stuck in my head.

One of the best and most entertaining things to see is a band going absolutely crazy when playing their instruments – it makes me so happy to see! But paired with the slow, elegant dance and intriguing song from the singer of this band, Yuko Suzuhana, it was a peculiar and mesmerizing experience.

So many things happening in one video there’s no way I could possibly be bored here – and I most certainly wasn’t! ^^

Ironically, this video is blocked in Japan… apologies to all my subscribers in Japan, but there is nothing I can do to remove the block… unless I remove the song, but that would make things awkward… again, sorry…


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