Wagakki Band – Top 10 Daisuke Songs (和楽器バンド)

Wagakki Band – Top 10 Daisuke Songs (和楽器バンド)
Daisuke Kaminaga has a perfect blend, from quietly sitting in the back in the mix, to showing off his pipes and being front and center. He certainly isn’t shy to do a solo or two either.
Here is a collection of songs showing off Dai’s Shakuhachi talents.

Wagakki Band is:
Vocals: Yuko Suzuhana (鈴華ゆう子)
Koto: Kiyoshi Ibukuro (いぶくろ聖志)
Shakuhachi: Daisuke Kaminaga (神永大輔)
Shamisen: Beni Ninagawa (蜷川べに)
Wadaiko: Kurona (黒流)
Guitar: Machiya (町屋)
Bass: Asa (亜沙)
Drums: Wasabi (山葵)

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