Wagakki Band – Top 10 Machiya Songs (和楽器バンド)

Wagakki Band – Top 10 Machiya Songs (和楽器バンド)
Unlike many traditional Rock bands, the guitar usually isn’t a focal point in the music. But there is no doubt with Machi’s incredibly clean playing and ability, that he can shred. Great clean and dirty tones, and one of the best backing vocalists around.
And yes, no Homura as this is only songs to have a studio recording.

Apologies to Japanese viewers. ‘Tsuki Kage Mai Ka’ made this video become blocked across Japan. I am trying to resolve the issue with Avex.

Wagakki Band is:
Vocals: Yuko Suzuhana (鈴華ゆう子)
Koto: Kiyoshi Ibukuro (いぶくろ聖志)
Shakuhachi: Daisuke Kaminaga (神永大輔)
Shamisen: Beni Ninagawa (蜷川べに)
Wadaiko: Kurona (黒流)
Guitar: Machiya (町屋)
Bass: Asa (亜沙)
Drums: Wasabi (山葵)

Official Site: http://wagakkiband.jp