Wagakki Band – Top 10 ‘Otonoe’ Songs (和楽器バンド)

Wagakki Band – Top 10 ‘Otonoe’ Songs (和楽器バンド)
オトノエ (Otonoe), is Wagakki Band’s Fifth studio album (released 25/4/2018), following the compilation album, ‘Kiseki – Best Collection+’.

Thank you for your votes once again. This time there was a clear winner, and it was once again close towards the tail end. With the 2 final tracks missing out by just 1 point.

Apologies for not having live footage play during this video, I think I can be forgiven since the album has only just came out 🙂

The album is now available for purchase worldwide, if you are unable to get a physical copy, then you can get the digital version on iTunes.

Official Site: http://wagakkiband.jp