Wagakki Band – Top 10 ‘Vocalo Zanmai’ Songs (和楽器バンド)

Wagakki Band – Top 10 ‘Vocalo Zanmai’ Songs (和楽器バンド)
ボカロ三昧 (Vocalo Zanmai), released in 2014 is Wagakki Band’s debut full-length album. Mostly comprised of songs written for Vocaloid artists.

Thank you to those who voted. All your choices were taken and given 1, 2 and 3 points depending on where you placed them. Then added to my rankings of the whole album. This is how it turned out.

‘Tsuki Kage Mai Ka’ has also been blocked again in Japan. I still have not heard back regarding my last video. Lets just hope they will allow it and not shut down the channel.

Wagakki Band is:
Vocals: Yuko Suzuhana (鈴華ゆう子)
Koto: Kiyoshi Ibukuro (いぶくろ聖志)
Shakuhachi: Daisuke Kaminaga (神永大輔)
Shamisen: Beni Ninagawa (蜷川べに)
Wadaiko: Kurona (黒流)
Guitar: Machiya (町屋)
Bass: Asa (亜沙)
Drums: Wasabi (山葵)

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Official Site: http://wagakkiband.jp